Building  A STRONG foundation

Canadian School of Young Scholars offers the very best tutoring and educational services available. We believe in providing our students with a small academy feel that facilitates our student-centric approach, which focuses upon delivering personalized cognitive learning programs on a 1-on-1 basis, with great care and consideration paid...Read More

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our professional teachers have breadth of knowledge and tremendous aptitude in every academic subject

  • Struggle to succeed
  • Having difficulties 
  • lack of study skills
  • Low grades...Read More
  • Better Grades
  • Leadership qualities 
  • Reading habits
  • Public Speaking...Read More

With a cognitive learning program that’s individually
tailored by the certified educators, you child can develop the intellectual capabilities, study skills, and leadership qualities..Read More 

We can help your child to succeed during their elementary and secondary school years. With us, children develop the intellectual skills they need to learn and grow...Read More about Tutoring