Building  A STRONG foundation

Active leadership

Active Leadership is a course designed to provide the concept and practice of leadership in a high-impact learning environment.

Our professional and experienced teachers use dynamic yet effective methods to create motivation, self-awareness, personal development, and increased confidence.

Our students learn strategies to achieve results, public speaking, discuss ideas on multiple topics, different presentation styles, effective planning and utilization of resources, team work and effective communication.

Active Leadership is an excellent learning opportunity to build self-confidence and public speaking skills.

We focus on discussions, debates and presentations. Students have an opportunity to participate in annual debate competitions.

This course is offered for children of all ages.

  • Personal Development
  • Effective communication
  • ​Self Motivation ​Plan, Do, Act
  • Demonstrate Self-Awareness
  • Establishes Clear and Aligned Goals
  • Performance Measurement
  • Presentations