Building  A STRONG foundation
  • Comprehensive subject tutoring for K-12 students
  • Tutoring for special needs students, including those with ADD and ADHD
  • Computers and technology tutoring
  • Robotics Programs
  • Reading challenges
  • Writing instruction
  • Active leadership training
  • Foreign language development
  • Reading stars
  • Creating writing And More!

our professional tutoring service

We offer the very best tutoring and educational services available. We believe in providing our students with a small academy feel that facilitates our student-centric approach, which focuses upon delivering personalized cognitive learning programs on a 1-on-1 basis, with great care and consideration paid. In addition, we use a mix of old and new methodologies to encourage our students to read voraciously and write well, both cornerstones of a successful life in and outside of the classroom.

Our educational team is comprised of professional teachers who have a breadth of knowledge and tremendous intellectual aptitude in every academic subject. These teachers can give your child the cognitive learning skills he or she needs to succeed in a difficult subject, and you’ll notice the difference in his or her grades.

They accomplish this through the sheer force of their gift for education, and also by utilizing the latest technologies and web-based programs to facilitate learning and growth. We adopt a soft-skills philosophy, whereby students are encouraged to understand, comprehend and present their ideas using their own words.

When coupled with the latest learning technology, which we put at their fingertips, our students are given the chance to achieve their academic goals on their own terms.

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Our Expert Academic Advising Service

Canadian School of Young Scholars team has been fostering the intellects of young learners for many years, and can offer cognitive learning programs that are targeted at math, English, writing, science, art, social studies, and even robotics and active leadership.

We aim to give each student the individualized attention he or she deserves when developing academic capabilities, and to exceed your wildest expectations by doing so.