Building  A STRONG foundation
  •  We have a reading program with challenges, prizes and rewards that encourages children to become highly literate individuals. 
  • Our staff provides our students with essential cognitive learning and study skills. 
  • We offer affordable access to education and additional tutoring resources. 
  • We help our students to achieve their individual academic goals on their own terms. 
  • We use the latest technology and web-based programs to augment learning. 
  • We use the old-school methods to help our students develop the writing skills they need to stay competitive in the classroom. 
  • We inspire our students to become leaders by building their self-esteem and public speaking competency, as well as by fostering positive attitudes.

  •  Our educators are creative, caring and persistent.
  • Each student receives ample individual attention..
  • We work to establish an excellent relationship between you, your child and ourselves.
  • Our staff possesses a capacious knowledge of every academic subject. 
  • We create a learning atmosphere that makes education fun and not a chore.  

What sets us apart

         mission statement

Canadian School of Young Scholars seeks to improve the cognitive abilities, study skills and leadership qualities of its students, so that they can enjoy a rich academic life, achieve their educative goals, and ultimately excel on their path toward their university careers and beyond.